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About us




The Science & Technology Park is an effective instrument of business and employment development in the field of high-technologies. The main aim of the project is to create a top-level workplace in the region in co-operation with universities and science & research institutes for the co-ordination of scientific and technological development in companies and for the transfer of advanced technologies. The objective is also to attract important international investors in the field of high-technology, as well as to commercialise the results of scientific research.

Ostrava Science and Technology Park welcomes following activities 
•    Research, development, and design activities involving cooperation with universities
•    Biotechnology and nanotechnology
•    Development and production of laboratory, measuring, and testing technologie
•    Research and development of alternative energy resources
•    Software and IT technology development 
•    High tech and progressive technologies 
•    Customer support centres 
•    Shared services centres
•    Software development centres
•    Specialized solution centres
•    Technology centres 

The Science and Technology park cannot accept projects involving high energy or material consumption (in relation to final product volume), or requiring a degree transportation that would be burdensome to the environment.
The main objectives of the company are to create conditions and a working environment for
•    commercially oriented science and technology research
•    industrial integration of university research
•    business support