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Space to rent


Benefits for you 

•    Direct personal contacts with academic environment and other innovative companies. 
•    Growth of the potential created through synergy with other companies at the Science and Technology Park
•    Free promotion of products and services on our website in the catalogue section.
•    Intellectual property protection.
•    Quality of the technical infrastructure.
•    Complete or partial facility management.
•    Supplementary services - specialized consulting, training and seminars
•    Company address in an attractive location with excellent access to municipal and international transportation: 
o    Railway corridor 10 minutes away
o    Leos Janacek International Airport 20 minutes away
Conditions for leasing

Restrictions concerning activities in the Ostrava Science & Technology Park (Companies holding the lease or rental contract Ostrava S&TP) 

1. Located research, development, production and other activities:

•   must have character of up-to-date activities, with low share of raw material and energy inputs;
•    must not overload the area with transport ;
•    must follow legislative criteria and regulations concerning the impact on environment

2. Technical orientation of the located activities is not restricted in any way. Activities based on exploitation of regional universities' capacities and cooperation with other existing regional research and development centres are going to be preferred. For better understanding, some of the preferred activities are listed below:

•    research, development and projection activities;
•    research, development activities involving cooperation with universities;
•    biotechnology;
•    nanotechnology;
•    development and production of laboratory, measuring, and testing technologies;
•    research and development of alternative energy resources;
•    high-tech and progressive technologies;
•    software development centres, production and implementation of IT technologies;
•    other R&D activities.

3. Other activities like Strategic services for entrepreneurial sector, using advanced technology and qualified human capital, are also welcome. Some of the preferred activities are: 

•    Software Development Centres
•    Expert Solution Centres
•    Technological Centres

4. Restricted activities: 

•    heavy and light engineering;
•    first-stage processing of the raw materials, production of building materials, plant depots, concrete mixing plants, other building and construction related activities;
•    high-capacity logistic centres;
•    storehouses, wholesales and retail activities;
•    activities with extensive transportation demand, or negative influence on environment;
•    activities with high-level of energy and material inputs.

Evaluation Criteria - applicant will be evaluated on the basis of the filled-in questionnaire, and the business plan (if presented). 


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