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VTPO offering since March 2007, a new "support tool" for new entrepreneurs -IDEA Incubator. One of the essential criteria for the location of the incubator is that it intends to bring to market something new, for example, new technology, know-how and so on. The purpose of the "incubator of idea" is to offer assistance and creative people who want to apply their ideas or only test their potential. Form of assistance consists mainly in providing short-term offer office space with internet connection (about 4-6 months), but also to help professional while maintaining full confidentiality rules of the VTPO. Another important assistance under IDEA Incubator guidance and assistance in developing an innovative project plan or development project, counseling and assistance in finding suitable financial resources of innovation or development project and more. All this for a symbolic price.

What does that mean? An important aspect is that the candidate may offer IDEA Incubator use long before it is able to formulate a business plan, need not abandon current job, study and now based company, but give time, space and support to the idea could "ripen." Ideally, such a project will continue in the technology incubator VTPO.

Those interested can consequently minimal, rather symbolic cost verify whether his idea feasible, what is the probability of favorable market responses (ideas must be transformed into a successful and marketable products) and get a more accurate idea of ​​what will be the realization of the project represent and as will be challenging.

The intention is to make these services to all companies and individuals meeting the "condition" of work on innovation or development project, or a serious intention to initiate such a project.

The main attributes of the IDEA Incubator are:
To offer an open and attractive climate for attracting potential buyers.
Provide an initial assessment of innovative ideas:
Technical (expert opinion)
Economic (feasibility study)
Market (premarketing)
Any practical verification (proof of concept)
Helping to create a business plan.
Offer conference facilities for consultations with experts, shared office space and equipment for work on developing ideas.
Provide advice on the acquisition of intellectual property protection.
Assistance in setting up businesses (to limit the burden for the client to communicate with authorities).
Preparing clients for successful decision-making process for entry into Technology Incubator (ability to present its intention, communication skills).

Admission process of the company / incubator IDEA project to see the file here:


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